Be Kind Always

Hops Kids was conceived in September 2017 out of our love for the community and our desire to help the community as we started a business.

Since Hops Kids was founded, we have built a food pantry in one of the local elementary schools, supplied other local schools with positive behavior incentives (PBIS) and helped families in need with whatever supplies we can. In that time, we have also spread from helping in Middletown, Central Dauphin, and Mechanicsburg.

In recent months, as the COVID19 virus has impacted the world, we have stuck to our beliefs and continued to reach out. We have been supplying about 200 meals a week to people struggling from the effects of this virus.

As Hops and Barleys continues to grow and expand, so will Hops Kids. Through some generous donations, hard work, and the success of Hops and Barleys we have been able to expand our reach of Hops Kids. Because of the support the community gives Hops and Barleys, we are able to keep expanding our outreach and all we ask from the families that we have helped is that they take an active role in their kid’s education. We are a hand up charity not a handout charity and this is the reason we believe we will continue to see success and growth in our nonprofit. We look forward to expanding our outreach in the future.