Mission Statement


VISION Our vision is to be able to provide food for kids and their families in our community that are hungry. We are building a pantry in our local elementary school for kids that our hungry can come to and get food. We also want to be able to provide resources for the kids such as shoes clothes socks and underwear. We are trying to give kids and families hope, that there are people out there that care. We are focusing on being a hand up charity not a handout charity. We are requiring that the parents take an active role in their kids education. We want them to sign their kids homework book every night and participate in parent teacher conferences. 

My name is Jason Melhorn and I am the founder of Hops Kids. I started a small business called Hops and Barleys with the vision in mind that I would build a business around giving back instead of just taking. This is how the vision and passion for Hops Kids was started. I was shocked to find out that kids were leaving and coming to school hungry. They didn’t have shoes, clothes, socks, and some didn’t have clean underwear. I knew then what my purpose was to be. 

We have been approved by the local elementary school to build a pantry for the kids and their families that are hungry. We are going to be using Hops Kids to provide the resources for the pantry. We are going to hold can drives to get enough food to be able to stock the pantry full for the start of the 2018 school year. I will be using Hops and Barleys as the drop off and collection place for the food. I will then be out looking for people to donate to Hops Kids on a monthly basis in order to keep the pantry full. Hops and Barleys will be holding fundraisers in order to support Hops Kids as well. 

The future of Hops Kids hasn’t been written yet. I see us being able to eventually build pantries in all the schools of our community. I would also like to look into starting a behavior program for the schools to use as well. I really want to focus on teaching the kids and their families that if you are willing to put forth some effort their our people out there who will help you get back on your feet. I think hops kids can break this cycle of entitlement that everyone seems to have now.